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How to Travel the World Without a Wallet

Whether you’re travelling on a train or traveling the world, it is absolutely important that you are careful with your cash. Thankfully, innovation now allows us to take a travel the world without a wallet Nowadays all we need to watch on is our smartphone as we pass through around the globe.

Today, we thought we ‘d have a look at two of the simplest, best cash alternatives that you can use almost throughout the world. They’re simple to obtain, easy to use and best of all– they do not need a wallet. Well, not a physical one a minimum of.

Here is that you can do to travel the world without a wallet.


Increasingly more travelers are opting to check out the world with bitcoin instead of a wallet, as it is easy to use and far safer than taking a trip with cash. You might stress that Bitcoin is a currency limited to individuals who understand the complex ins-and-outs of technology, nevertheless, the fact is that you can actually utilize it in almost exactly the same way as more traditional currencies.

These days you can do anything from playing Bitcoin blackjack on bitcoin-operated websites like Vegas Casino to buying flights anywhere in the world on Cheapair. You can even exchange Bitcoin for other currencies, which is a good alternative when you’re planning to visit many locations.

To take a trip using Bitcoin you will first need a protected Bitcoin wallet where you can store your digital money. These normally have 2-factor authentication, multi-signature technology total with individualized PINs, verification emails and all the time support. You will need a mobile phone with a web connection so that your wallet is available. Plus, you’ll be able to search for local businesses that accept bitcoin as payment utilizing websites such as Coinmap. You’ll lastly be able to world trot to your heart’s content without a fanny pack or freight pants with zip pockets as soon as everything is set up. And more importantly, if you’re unlucky adequate to get your phone lost or stolen, you can be rest assured that your bitcoins are still safe

Apple or Android Pay

Among the primary selling points for both Apple and Android Pay is that you can leave your wallet in the house where it’s safe. Instead, you merely enter your debit or charge card information and after that utilize your suitable smartphone gadget to spend for items and services at checkouts utilizing near-field interaction (NFC) technology.

As Google’s Android Pay is far more recent than its rival Apple Pay, there might still be some kinks to work out, but it is already offered in the United States, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Apple Pay has been around for a couple of years now and is available on all iPhone designs after the iPhone 6, as well as the Apple Watch.

travel the world without a wallet

The only significant problem with Apple Pay is that there is sometimes a limit on what does it cost? you can spend on any offered day, depending upon where you remain in the world. There is a limit in the UK, which presently stands at ₤ 30 at sellers without POS terminal software application. However, more tech-savvy businesses all over the world permit you to spend limitlessly once again.

There we go. Two exceptionally easy, safe alternatives to cash that you can utilize to walk around the world without constantly looking for a currency exchange bureau. Now all we require is teleportation innovation to come with the next iOS update and we’re all set.

Whether you’re travelling on a train or taking a trip the world, it is definitely crucial that you are cautious with your cash. Today, we thought we ‘d take an appearance at 2 of the most basic, best money options that you can utilize nearly anywhere in the world. The only significant issue with Apple Pay is that there is occasionally a limit on how much you can spend on any provided day, depending on where you are in the world. More tech-savvy organisations around the world enable you to spend limitlessly once again.

Two incredibly simple, secure options to money that you can utilize to move around the world without continuously browsing for a currency exchange bureau.

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